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To select and order a product, please select the relevant category or use the search in our product catalogue. You will see a list of available products with their descriptions.

For more information about the product you are interested in, click on it to see a detailed view of the product with a picture and a description of how to use it.

To add the item you have viewed to your shopping basket, click once on the " Place in basket " link. The changes you make will be immediately displayed in your shopping basket.

When you have finished selecting your items, click once on the "Checkout" link. Fill in the necessary fields and follow the instructions to place your order.


All prices in our shop include all taxes. The delivery price depends on your location, the method of delivery and the number of items delivered (for more information, see the "Delivery terms" section). The total value of your purchase will be indicated when you select "Checkout"

Order assembly

Please note that all goods are checked during the order picking process before being sent to the customer. Staff checks:

  • verify that the goods are free from visual and structural defects;
  • make sure that the expiry date of goods or their ingredients (e.g. condoms, pharmacological products, lubricants, etc.) has not been exceeded.
  • check that the appliances are fully operational (in all modes, speeds and programmes) with their batteries;

If any of the items you order require batteries, staff will add one set of batteries to your order for each device you order, free of charge!

Payment procedure

Payment at the post office (postpaid on receipt of the goods). If you have selected delivery via Latvijas Pasts when placing your order, you must pay for the order at any branch of Latvijas Pasts upon receipt.

Bank transfer (prepayment). Orders placed in our shop can be paid at any commercial bank by transferring the total amount of the order to the store invoice. You must enter the order number in the "Purpose of transfer" field. Once the money has been credited to our account, your order will be completed and dispatched without delay by the delivery method of your choice.

Bank details (payment in €)

      SIA CSSL, 50003147171

      AS "Swedbank", SWIFT kods: HABALV22.
      N/k LV11HABA0551008468986

      AS "Luminor Bank", SWIFT kods: RIKOLV2X.
      N/k LV18RIKO0002013144668

      AS "Citadele banka", SWIFT kods: PARXLV22.
      N/k LV12PARX0000113301015

All payments are made in €.


Terms of delivery

The order is dispatched within one or two working days.

All deliveries are made using the following shipping methods:

  • Latvijas Pasts - to post offices (throughout Latvia);
  • Omniva - to the parcel terminals (throughout Latvia);
  • DPD - by courier (delivery only in Riga).

Price of delivery

Order delivery:

  • with Latvijas Pasts throughout Latvia: only 1,99 €;
  • to Omniva parcel terminals throughout Latvia: only 1,99 €;
  • by DPD courier in Riga: 6 €.

Please note that delivery prices are valid for parcels weighing up to 5 Kg!

Delivery to parcel terminal

Delivery to Omniva parcel terminal

Delivery is made by Omniva courier to one of Omniva's parcel terminals throughout Latvia.

To receive your order at the parcel terminal, you must prepay your order at the bank.

Delivery is provided, at your choice, to any Omniva parcel terminal in Latvia!

When choosing the delivery: "to Omniva parcel terminal", store workers will find the address of the nearest (to the specified delivery address) parcel terminal and will send the parcel to it.

For delivery to the necessary parcel terminal the client can also, oneself, find the one that suits him by the link: "Omniva map of parcel terminals" and write its address in the fields of delivery address during ordering.

Order delivery price to Omniva parcel terminal: 1,99 €.

Delivery by courier

Delivery by a DPD courier

Delivery by DPD courier! On the day of delivery, you will receive a SMS with the approximate time of delivery to the address indicated in your order.

To receive your order by courier, you must prepay your order at the bank.

If payment is received before 12:00, delivery takes place the next working day, and if payment is received after 12:00, delivery takes place the second working day after payment is received.

Delivery is made to the door of the building.

Courier delivery is only possible on working days in Riga. Delivery price by DPD courier in Riga: 6 €.

Shipment tracking

For each parcel delivered by Latvijas Pasts, Omniva or DPD, you will be shown an order tracking number.

Your order tracking number will appear in the "Order details" section of this website, which is located in the orders section of the registered customer's profile.

The order tracking number received must be entered on the website of the relevant delivery service provider:


Neutral but safe packaging. The package does not list its contents.

No one will know what goods are in the parcel!

Our guarantees

If you receive a defective order, you can call the number on the order notification or send a letter describing the problem to "". We will act promptly to replace the faulty item.


We undertake to keep your information confidential and not to disclose it to any third party.

All the information you provide to place an order will be stored in a secure database. Only SEXMACHINE.LV employees who process your order will have access to this information.

Please read our privacy policy.